My child, where you saw only one set of footprints, it is then that I carried you...
Our Wedding Day, August 23, 2003

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His Footprints, My Heart...

Saturday, February 18, 2006
The Eyes Have It
What is it about someone's eyes? I mean, you look at a person's foot or hand or even right at their face, but unless you look at the eyes, you don't really know that person. You know? When I think I've said something to hurt my husband's feelings and he tells me that everything is fine; but, unless I see his eyes and can see it in his eyes, I'm not completely convinced that "everything is fine." I promise you, at least 99% of the time that hubby and I have "that" conversation where I think I've opened my mouth when I shouldn't have, you'll hear me say "let me see your eyes, I have to see your eyes!", because I know that when I look in his eyes I can see what's really inside. After all, they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I know that's true, I see the love my husband has for me when I look into his eyes.

It's made me wonder lately, how often do I take the time when I say "hi" to someone to truly look into their eyes and "hear" the real answer? Alot of people call me "hyper-sensitive"... some mean that in a very positive way, some mean that my sensitivity is annoying... ha, ha... That's okay, though, because I know that God made me just the way I am and he wanted me to be extremely sensitive for a reason. Well, yeah, alot of times I allow that hyper-sensitivity to get in the way of His will when I get my feelings hurt; but, there are so many times that my hyper-sensitivity allows me to "feel" what another is feeling and to see that they are in need of something. It goes hand in hand with the spiritual gift of mercy, I believe, which is one of my spiritual gifts. I know that when I'm hurting, I tend to look away from people, I don't want them to see my eyes for fear that they'll see what's inside.

Here's my challenge to myself and I think you'll be blessed by trying out this challenge as well: next time you encounter someone, take that extra few seconds it takes to look into their eyes to see what they aren't telling you. Here's the hard part, be prepared to act on that if needed. God calls us to love, and what better love can we show than the love that He's shown to us?
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Monday, January 30, 2006
Great Is Thy Faithfulness...
This past Friday I decided to audition for the Christian community's take on "American Idol" in a talent contest called "Gifted Talent." Yep, I got up early on my day off... well, it was only a day off because I took vacation to go to this thing, so I would have gotten up early anyways, but I digress...where was I? Oh, yes, I got up early to go stand in line in the cold outside the Trinity Broadcasting Studio to give my 30 second accapella (I'm too lazy to employ spell check right now...) audition to see if I have "what it takes", well, that and the fact that I just LOVE a competition! They gave us a list of 10 hymns from which we could pick one to audition in front of 3 judges, none of which had the demeanor of Simon Cowle (again, too lazy to see if I spelled it right or not...ha!). Actually, I was told that one of my judges is Brittney Spears' assistant... go figure that one.

So, I had decided that I was going to sing "It Is Well (With My Soul)" because, well, it IS well with my soul. God is so awesome! Over the weeks I'll share what's been happening in my life over the past few months because God truly amazes me! So, I'm singing my little heart out in the car on the way home, practicing "It Is Well", and I log on to their website to look over everything one more time, only to find that the great song I've chosen isn't actually one of the ten... doh! Not a biggie, I've always got a song in my heart... my next choice was "Just As I Am", the old "altar hymn" that I'm certain is the first hymn I ever learned. But the more I sang, the more I knew that I needed to sing something that I truly felt at this point in my life... so I moved on to "Great Is Thy Faithfulness"... what an awesome song! But moreso, what an awesome truth! God's faithfulness reaches farther than anything I know... how do I know this? Because He has reached down to me so faithfully when I felt as though I couldn't possibly be any lower. He has touched my life in ways that I could never have imagined, and He continues to lift me up and bless me while I know that I don't deserve any of it! I can't wait to share with you how He has shown His faithfulness to me! But, I have to go finish dinner now.... besides, if I told you everything now, I'd have nothing to write later, would I? Ha!

Oh, by the way, I did make it through to the second round... I had to gracefully bow out, though, because of "conflicting committments"... but they did video my entire audition, so you'll have to watch TBN in March to see if I'm on TV!
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Sunday, January 29, 2006
Um... hi.... remember me? I know you do... I've had sweet comments from you guys letting me know you miss me :) This post will be REALLY short because I have to get ready to go back to church in just a couple of minutes...
I've missed you guys, though! Life's been rather hectic over the last few months and I've been waiting for God to give me the "ok" or "nope" to blog about the past few months. Peaked you're interest, haven't I?
Well, I'm AM still here and I AM still alive ;) I'm going to try to blog when I can... it won't be daily, but I'll try to make sure it's not just an annual post, either, lol!
So, here's a big "thank you" to everyone who's let me know they miss me :) I promise to write more later...
In Him,
Cindy-Lou ;)
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